Graduation Requirements

Beginning fall 2017

KSDE Credit Requirements:

4 – Units of English Language Arts

3 – Units of History and Government

3 – Units of Science

3 – Units of Math

1 – Unit of P.E./Health

1 – Unit of Fine Arts

6 – Units of Elective Courses

21 – Total Units

FLC Capstone Project Requirements:

All students attending FLC will complete the following Capstone Requirements towards graduation.

* Create a Portfolio with the Following Requirements:

  • Completion of Resume and Cover Letter
  • Autobiography
  • Completed Interest Inventory with Written Narrative About the Results
  • Post Graduate Plan of Action
    • Detailed written description of steps taken/still needed in high school
    • Detailed written description of steps to accomplish plan AFTER high school.
  • Completion of 10 Hours of Community Service
    • Written description of all community service activities
  • Interview at the End of the Year
    • Students will dress up as if this was a job interview
    • Student will present their portfolio to an interview committee
    • Students will be asked a series of general interview questions

*Students will choose ONE of the following project options (Needs to be documented in the portfolio above)


  • Score 21 or higher on the ACT or 1060 on the SAT


  • Complete one year of college credit (between 24-30 credit hours) or receive a college certificate (one or two semesters long) from KCKCC or an approved institution.


  • Research a desired career and complete a research paper on it.
    • Include what the profession is and what they do, why you chose the profession, average salary, and the requirements needed to begin work in the chosen profession.
    • Complete a “job shadow” for a day in the chosen profession and document the experience in the research paper.
    • Attend a college visit or college fair for the chosen career and document the experience in the research paper.
  • Acquire a work related certification (work ready certification, KCKCC short course, etc.) or be accepted into the military.