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Fairfax Remote Learning Daily Schedule

Students must login to meet with teachers and their class during the bolded “synchronous” work times as attendance will be taken.

  • 7:20a-8:30a: Asynchronous/Independent work time
  • 8:30a-9:05a: Family Advocacy (FA) ATTENDANCE/asistencia
  • 9:10a-9:40a: Block 1 Synchronous ATTENDANCE/asistencia
    • 9:40a-10:00: Asynchronous Work time
  • 10:00a-10:30a: Block 2  Synchronous ATTENDANCE/asistencia
    • 10:30a-10:50a: Independent/Asynchronous work time
  • 10:50a-11:20a: Block 3 Synchronous ATTENDANCE/asistencia
    • 11:20a-11:35a: Independent/Asynchronous work time
  • 11:35a-12:05: Lunch
  • 12:10p-12:40p: Block 4  Synchronous ATTENDANCE/asistencia
    • 12:40p-12:55p:  Independent/Asynchronous work time
  • 1:00p-1:30p: Block 5  Synchronous ATTENDANCE/asistencia
    • 1:30p-2:20p: Independent/Asynchronous work time