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Welcome to Our New Homepage!

Fairfax Learning Center (FLC) is an alternative education program for students in the 9-12 grades that are credit deficient or “off-track” to graduate from high school. FLC provides students the opportunity to work in an alternative environment rooted in restorative and trauma sensitive and resilient practices.

Fairfax High School Learning Center (FLC) is located in the Kansas City, Kansas (USD 500) school district. FLC offers an alternative high school environment for students who, for various reasons, do not find success in a regular high school setting. Students enrolled in Fairfax Learning Center are provided an individualized opportunity to recover unearned high school credit through small classes and a student-centered curriculum. Through FLC, students recover credits lost for a timely graduation and can even accelerate the process to graduate early.

Each student at Fairfax has an Individual Learning Plan (ILP), participates in a positive behavior incentive program, and has various opportunities to participate in community service learning and receive college credits and certificates. FLC staff believes in using Restorative Practices to create a community of learners that feel safe and valued.

All students attending FLC must receive a referral from the appropriate USD 500 personnel AND attend an orientation with a parent before attending their first day. If you or your child are interested in attending FLC, please contact LaDerrick Collins at the USD 500 Board of Education Building to discuss qualifications. his contact information is listed below. Welcome in advance to the Falcon Family!

laderrick.collins@kckps.org or call 913-279-2091

Daily Student Schedule

Synchronous Learning: Students must login to attend “live session” with teacher and class, attendance taken

Asynchronous Learning: Students work independently or “offline,” attendance not taken.

  • 7:20am-8:40am Asynchronous Work Time
  • 8:40am-9:05am AM Family Advocacy Synchronous Time (Attendance taken)
  • 9:10am-9:40am Block 1 Synchronous Time (Attendance Taken)
    • 9:40am-10:00am Asynchronous work time
  • 10:00am-10:30am Block 2 Synchronous Time (Attendance Taken)
    • 10:30am-10:50 Asynchronous Work time
  • 10:50am-11:20am Block 3 Synchronous Time (Attendance Taken)
    • 11:20am-11:35am Asynchronous work time
  • 11:35am-12:05pm Lunch
  • 12:10pm-12:40pm Block 4 Synchronous work time (Attendance Taken)
    • 12:40pm-1:00pm Asynchronous work time
  • 1:00pm-1:30pm Block 5 Synchronous work time (Attendance Taken)
    • 1:30-2:20 Asynchronous work time

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Meet your Fairfax Falcon Team

Family Advocacy Remote Learning Overview

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